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Accounting Services

Using accounting services (or bookkeeping services) provided by professional firm can save costs and ensure compliance with the latest accounting standards. In addition, a good set up of accounting system help improve business management and profitability through professional snapshot analysis on financial information.

Accounting services could be provided on either monthly, quarterly or yearly basis in accordance with the request of individual client. The details are as follows:

On a monthly or quarterly basis

By using accounting software to do the necessary entries based on the invoices and bank statements provided by client; At the end of each month/quarter, we shall provide various financial reports (profit & loss statement, balance sheet and some basic ratio analysis such as gross-profit ratio and current ratio etc.). For unlimited company, free service on profit-tax reporting will be provided. For limited company, year-end audited and tax reporting will be arranged. Professional consultation on tax issues will be provided.

On a yearly basis

Scope of services is the same as those on a monthly/quarterly basis, but just provided once a year.

  • Monthly basis - HK$500 up
  • Quarterly basis – HK$1,000 up
  • Yearly basis – HK$3,000 up

(Remarks: quotation will be varied according to quantity and complexity of each assignment)

Our services include:
  • Bookkeeping service
  • Establishment of accounting system
  • Compilation of financial statements
  • Cash and bank custodianship: receipts and payments, bank reconciliation, cash report
  • Expenses handling and reporting (for rep office)
  • Inventory management
  • Cost control
  • Establishment of internal accounting checking system
  • Assessment of accounting policy
  • Outsourcing of accounting function

Other outsourcing services we provide to our clients can be tailored made to specific needs and requirements, for example, data entry, receivables and payables management, staff expenses, inventory count, fixed assets management, segment reporting, and accounting software initialization.