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China Company Formation

In order to facilitate our clients' needs to develop their business in China, We have developed our network with affiliated firms in mainland China which enable us to deliver services in a timely and effective manner.

Our services include:
Wholly Foreign-owned Enterprise (WFOE)

Wholly Foreign-owned Enterprise is a corporate enterprise, with entire capital contributed by the foreign investor. It is an independent economic and legal entity.

Time Schedule for Capital Contribution

Foreign investors contribute by installment towards the registered capital, where the first installment shall be paid in an amount at not less than 15% of the statutory capital within 90 days from the date of issue of the business license, and the last installment shall be paid up within 2 years.

Required Documents for Incorporation
  1. Feasibility study report
  2. The application for foreign investment company incorporation signed by the proposed legal representative
  3. Articles of association
  4. Enterprise Name Approval in Advance Notice
  5. The investor's entity qualification certificate or the natural person's ID card
  6. The appointment letters and ID cards of directors, supervisors and managers
  7. The legal representative's appointment letter and ID card
  8. Certificate of assessment of capital Lease contract or certificate of property rights
  9. Minutes
  10. Documents or certificates for earlier setup examination and approval
Foreign Representative Office

The establishment of a representative office in China is simple, without requiring a registered capital. But a representative office cannot carry out operating activities directly; in fact, it can only carry out business liaisons, product introduction, market research and technical exchange on behalf of an offshore company within the scope of their operations. A representative office does not qualify as a legal entity, so its civil liability shall be undertaken by the offshore company it represents.

Requirements for Incorporation
  1. The foreign enterprise shall be registered lawfully in its host country
  2. The foreign enterprise shall be established for two years or above in its host country
  3. The foreign enterprise shall have sound goodwill
  4. The foreign enterprise operates in a fixed location
  5. The foreign enterprise shall appoint a chief representative
  6. The foreign enterprise may appoint one to three representatives according to its business needs
Name of Representative Office

Country/Region Name + Company Name + (in proposed district) Representative Office

For example, Hong Kong ABC Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen) Representative Office

Required Documents and Time
  1. Proof of domicile and a legal certificate of business subsisted for two years or above of the foreign enterprise
  2. Memorandum or organization agreement of the foreign enterprise
  3. Appointment letters of the chief representative or representatives of the foreign enterprise
  4. Documents of Identification and curricula vitae of the chief representative and representatives
  5. Proof of creditworthiness issued by financial institutions having business relationship with foreign enterprises
  6. Certificate of legal right of use of the premises of the representative office
Subsequent Formalities of Representative Office

The representative office shall submit its annual report to the registration authority in the period from 1 March to 30 June every year. The annual report shall cover the legal status of existence of the foreign enterprise, the business activities of the representative office and its income and expenses audited by a firm of certified public accountants in China.

Foreign Investment Enterprise (FIE)

Form of Incorporation

Wholly owned, joint venture, or cooperative

Scope of Business

Foreign investment enterprises engaged in retailing business, wholesaling or trading business.

Required documents for Incorporation
  1. The contract for use of trademark or trade name, contract for transfer of technology, management contract, service contract or other legal documents signed by the foreign investment enterprise shall be submitted all together accompanying with the Contract
  2. Feasibility study report Application for foreign investment corporation signed by the proposed legal representative
  3. Notice of name checking
  4. Investor's qualification certificate of entity, or natural person's ID card Directors, supervisors and mangers' appointment documents and ID cards
  5. Legal representative's appointment document and ID card
  6. Certificate on assessment of capital
  7. The certificate for right of use and the contract for lease of house of the proposed store to be opened
  8. Import/export product catalog
  9. Lease contract or certificate of title
  10. Minutes of meeting
  11. Documents or certificates for earlier setup examination and approval
Required Time for Incorporation

About 45 - 90 workdays.