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Hong Kong Company Formation and Deregistration

Hong Kong Company Formation

General Requirements for formation of Hong Kong company

  1. Minimum one shareholder and age over 18
  2. Minimum one director and age over 18
  3. At least one legal secretary in Hong Kong (must be a Hong Kong resident or a Hong Kong company)
  4. Have a registered address in Hong Kong
  5. Minimum share capital of $1
Time to Take
  • Tailor-made : Registration of a limited liability company (around 10 working days)
  • Ready made: Purchasing a Shelf Company (around 2 working days)
Required Information
  1. Chinese and English names, or single Chinese or English name of the company
  2. Copies of ID cards or passports of shareholders and directors
  3. Registered address of the company (if unavailable, we can provide for you)
  4. Copy of the ID card of the company's legal secretary. In case the part of legal secretary is taken by a company, the copy of certificate of incorporation and business registration certificate shall be provided (if unavailable, we can act as company secretary for you)
Deregistration of Hong Kong Company

When a Hong Kong company becomes dormant and do not intend to carry on business, it can be chosen to close the business with lesser costs and faster than the winding-up process. Upon deregistration, the company does not need to pay annual business registration fee, filing of annual return and prepare the audited accounts.

Our services include:
  1. Preparation of all deregistration documents and minutes
  2. Application for “Notice of No Objection” from Inland Revenue Department
  3. Liaise with the Inland Revenue Department
  4. Company Search
  5. Application for deregistration from the Companies Registry.

Note: (* application fee to the Companies Registry is non-refundable regardless of the result of the application.)

When applying for “Notice of No Objection”, you may be requested to submit the Audited Report and Profits Tax Return to clear the tax issues. We do assist you to prepare and file the said documents for the purpose.

Time to Take

Upon submission of the application of deregistration documents, it takes 2 to 3 months for Inland Revenue Department to issue the “Notice of No Objection”. Time will be longer if there are tax disputes with the Inland Revenue.

When the Inland Revenue issue the “Notice of No Objection”, we can lodge the application of deregistration to the Companies Registry. A Gazette will be published for 3 months to see any objection for the deregistration from creditors.

Finally, the Companies Registry will issue a notice of deregistration and the company is deemed to be deregistered.


A company can be applied for reactivation afterward.